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Is your energy all wrong for this dog…

We recently got a new puppy called Lola. Since we are inexperienced with dogs, I thought it would be a good idea to get a dog trainer, who would essentially train the family to train the dog. A friend recommended Nick and said he had “worked magic with her Lenny”. Something about what she didn’t […]

A Remote Gig

A few weeks ago I returned from the Northern Territory where I was working with ANKA the Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists. Slight departure from working in organisations in urban Melbourne and Sydney. The CEO of ANKA; the indomitable Christina Davidson asked me to come and work with their Art Worker Extension […]


Millenials will change your workplace culture

Lots has been said about Millennials, or Gen Y as they are commonly referred to; “they don’t want to put in the hard yards”, “they won’t listen to authority”, “they are entitled”, “always changing jobs”…. So why add more white noise? Mainly because it was a somewhat welcome surprise to read the latest research from […]

Lessons from my Grandma

I’ve been reading a looooooot of textbooks lately on resilience and associated topics….. On GRIT as I have previously blogged about – passion and persistence towards long term goals. On Mental Toughness, which is a ‘short hand’ way of explaining why some people cope well under pressure and others seem to falter. On Resilience, particularly […]

Change of Habit

I wrote about Kaizen change in my last blog – comfortable and incremental change as a way to bypass our normal “threat” response. I want to follow up with the idea of using habits to embed this type of change. “We first make our habits and then our habits make us.” John Dryden (British philosopher […]

Shout out to my sister!

My sister just won an award and I was there to see her win it. As a TV producer, she’s been nominated for Logies and AACTA’s before but it was the InStyle Women of Style Award for Entertainment that finally gave her the gong. It was awarded for her work as producer of Offspring, Gallipoli […]

Ambiguity is the new black

Photo by Paul Crock I challenged a team that I was coaching the other day to ‘up their tolerance for ambiguity’ – they didn’t like it. We look to the past for lessons learned from previous experience. We base future decisions and actions on insights gained. But what if the challenges we face are “wicked […]

The Imposter

The banker I was intrigued recently when I heard a senior banker divulge her fear of being “outed” as a fraud following her promotion to the exec team. She was talking to more junior bankers as part of a leadership program, so there was a sense that they were looking to her to have some […]

Comparing Apples with Apples

After two attempts, we have just sold our house. The first auction was abandoned due to lack of interest but second time round we didn’t need an auction as we sold it prior. The difference between the two attempts? The agent. We chose the first agent because she was recommended and she was likeable, the […]

The Strength of a Couch Surfer

  Been hosting a trio of British couch surfers for the last few weeks – my cousins’ 19 and 20 year old sons. Partly payback for backpacking my way through my aunties’ living rooms and partly paying it forward in the hope that my own daughters can do the same. When I say couch surfers […]