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Is your energy all wrong for this dog…

We recently got a new puppy called Lola. Since we are inexperienced with dogs, I thought it would be a good idea to get a dog trainer, who would essentially train the family to train the dog. A friend recommended Nick and said he had “worked magic with her Lenny”. Something about what she didn’t […]

Work – a laughing matter?

The Comedy Festival has just finished in Melbourne and I think we’ve all appreciated having a good laugh. Last weekend we saw “funny tales” which involved improvisation with animals – what could go wrong? Have to admit I mis-pitched this one a little and my two teenage daughters were unimpressed with the fact that the […]


Millenials will change your workplace culture

Lots has been said about Millennials, or Gen Y as they are commonly referred to; “they don’t want to put in the hard yards”, “they won’t listen to authority”, “they are entitled”, “always changing jobs”…. So why add more white noise? Mainly because it was a somewhat welcome surprise to read the latest research from […]

Future Work

  I visited Sydney recently and took a ferry to the Biennale on Cockatoo Island. Apart from the ferry ride and the art, (I particularly liked the pendulum work), the title of the show intrigued me; “the future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed” (William Gibson, science fiction writer)  I started musing on […]

“May your star shine bright in 2016”

Wishing all our clients and supporters a Merry Christmas and thanks for an amazing 2015. Hope the break brings you a healthy balance of rejuventation, time with family and indulgence! Here’s to a more sane and peaceful 2016 gloabally. X George and all of us at Changeable   with thanks to Paul Crock for this image.

Collins Street Revisited

I went for a walk this morning around the park and I passed a whole lot of glum looking people on their way to work. Admittedly it was a rather grey Melbourne day, but still I wondered why everyone was looking so down. Was it the fact that many had just started back at work after […]

Taking Stock

Around about now as the year comes to a close, I think it’s beneficial to Take Stock. Being somewhat of a futurist myself, I often miss out on the valuable process of looking back. It’s easy to be more focused on dreaming up future projects, or more likely, dealing with pressing client needs. When I […]

Real not Perfect

“Near enough is good enough” I muttered, under my breath at my eleven year old daughter after two exasperating hours assisting with a native animal project. It was 10pm, the project wasn’t the fabulous one she had in her head and she wasn’t happy! “Why is she so perfectionistic?” I demanded in my husband’s general […]