Comparing Apples with Apples

Photo by Frederica Slipper

Photo by Frederica Slipper

After two attempts, we have just sold our house. The first auction was abandoned due to lack of interest but second time round we didn’t need an auction as we sold it prior.

The difference between the two attempts? The agent.

We chose the first agent because she was recommended and she was likeable, the sort of person you’d feel like having a coffee and a chat with.

The second agent was “like a dog with a bone”, could be described as pushy and had maintained a relationship with us over two years – despite living in another state. As some of my savvier friends pointed out “isn’t that what you want in a real estate agent?”

The devil was in the detail; the small things she did like send a weekly report with comments from each person who’d visited the house. The weekly update phone conferences. And the coup – lining up a buyer for our buyer’s house, which wasn’t even on the market at the time. She managed to arrange a simultaneous contract exchange.

Whilst being seen as pushy may not be something you want in your industry, what does it mean to go the extra mile for your clients or customers? To do the extraordinary and not just “the job”.

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