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Can we look a little deeper?

Change resistance I ran a coaching group recently where a leader was experiencing considerable resistance to a program of change he was implementing. It was in an area that definitely needed to be reformed. There were legacy issues, aggressive behaviour, competitiveness and a previous leader who had got stuff done by using hierarchical power, ‘my […]

Future Work

  I visited Sydney recently and took a ferry to the Biennale on Cockatoo Island. Apart from the ferry ride and the art, (I particularly liked the pendulum work), the title of the show intrigued me; “the future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed” (William Gibson, science fiction writer)  I started musing on […]

Lessons from my Grandma

I’ve been reading a looooooot of textbooks lately on resilience and associated topics….. On GRIT as I have previously blogged about – passion and persistence towards long term goals. On Mental Toughness, which is a ‘short hand’ way of explaining why some people cope well under pressure and others seem to falter. On Resilience, particularly […]

Change of Habit

I wrote about Kaizen change in my last blog – comfortable and incremental change as a way to bypass our normal “threat” response. I want to follow up with the idea of using habits to embed this type of change. “We first make our habits and then our habits make us.” John Dryden (British philosopher […]

Kaizen Change

We often think about radical change, game changing change, disruption… but sometimes the approach that’s needed is more of a teensy step than a great leap forward. The Japanese call it Kaizen change, which simply means improvement. The type of improvement required is small and incremental. Kaizen change was introduced to Japan after WWII when […]

Got Grit?

I’ve just finished a residential for a positive psychology course I’m taking with Dr Tal Ben Shahar – one of the world leaders on the subject. I’ve had so many people asking me if it was some sort of positive thinking love-in and I hate to disappoint you but we didn’t go around chanting positive […]

Ambiguity is the new black

Photo by Paul Crock I challenged a team that I was coaching the other day to ‘up their tolerance for ambiguity’ – they didn’t like it. We look to the past for lessons learned from previous experience. We base future decisions and actions on insights gained. But what if the challenges we face are “wicked […]