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Legacy trees and Melbourne flu

I was having a ho hum week. Nothing terrible but I was recovering from losing my voice and a bout of Melbourne flu – which is challenging when you run lots of workshops. Plus I was approaching a milestone birthday and that always prompts a fair amount of introspection. So I had to drag myself […]

What’s up in 2017?

From the Brave New World of employee monitoring, big data and Robotic Process Automation, to more micro trends such as: business coaches and solopreneurs, plus some evolving trends in leadership. Employee monitoring – a dystopian idea – Use it for good not evil Human resources media wrote recently about the “wearable technology that can spy on […]

Polished Man

  I’m digressing a little from my usual topics and warning this isn’t for the fainthearted! I think we have all been shocked recently by media events and what has been going on in schools around Australia with so called “porn rings” or basically sites that rate young girls and facilitate the sharing of intimate […]

Lessons from my Grandma

I’ve been reading a looooooot of textbooks lately on resilience and associated topics….. On GRIT as I have previously blogged about – passion and persistence towards long term goals. On Mental Toughness, which is a ‘short hand’ way of explaining why some people cope well under pressure and others seem to falter. On Resilience, particularly […]

A Utopian Ideal?

A Utopian Ideal? Russell Howcroft of ABC2 & Gruen Transfer fame spoke recently at a VECCI lunch for business leaders on nurturing creativity. Russell suggested business leaders need to get away from cynical and adversarial thinking. He recommended writing ‘assume good intent’ on a whiteboard in your office. I have often wished to do the same, […]

“May your star shine bright in 2016”

Wishing all our clients and supporters a Merry Christmas and thanks for an amazing 2015. Hope the break brings you a healthy balance of rejuventation, time with family and indulgence! Here’s to a more sane and peaceful 2016 gloabally. X George and all of us at Changeable   with thanks to Paul Crock for this image.

Got Grit?

I’ve just finished a residential for a positive psychology course I’m taking with Dr Tal Ben Shahar – one of the world leaders on the subject. I’ve had so many people asking me if it was some sort of positive thinking love-in and I hate to disappoint you but we didn’t go around chanting positive […]