We recently had our butt kicked by one of our clients who said: “you aren’t providing me with the level of consulting I want and there are two of you” Ouch that hurt. Especially since we pride ourselves on being generous, strong on relationships and going above and beyond what is expected. Well that’s what […]

We recently got a new puppy called Lola. Since we are inexperienced with dogs, I thought it would be a good idea to get a dog trainer, who would essentially train the family to train the dog. A friend recommended Nick and said he had “worked magic with her Lenny”. Something about what she didn’t […]

The Comedy Festival has just finished in Melbourne and I think we’ve all appreciated having a good laugh. Last weekend we saw “funny tales” which involved improvisation with animals – what could go wrong? Have to admit I mis-pitched this one a little and my two teenage daughters were unimpressed with the fact that the […]

Late last year serendipity arrived in my inbox. Michael Pether, amateur WW11 historian, contacted me as a result of the blog I had written on resilience called “Lessons from my Grandma”, in which I had briefly mentioned my great aunt Dorothy Gwendolyn Howard Elmes.  “Bud” was one of the 22 Australian army nurses lined up […]

From the Brave New World of employee monitoring, big data and Robotic Process Automation, to more micro trends such as: business coaches and solopreneurs, plus some evolving trends in leadership. Employee monitoring – a dystopian idea – Use it for good not evil Human resources media wrote recently about the “wearable technology that can spy on […]

A few weeks ago I returned from the Northern Territory where I was working with ANKA the Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists. Slight departure from working in organisations in urban Melbourne and Sydney. The CEO of ANKA; the indomitable Christina Davidson asked me to come and work with their Art Worker Extension […]

  I’m digressing a little from my usual topics and warning this isn’t for the fainthearted! I think we have all been shocked recently by media events and what has been going on in schools around Australia with so called “porn rings” or basically sites that rate young girls and facilitate the sharing of intimate […]