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Leading and Surviving in Lockdown

Nothing like time on my hands and a crisis to get me blogging again. I’ve been distracted writing my book (more on that down the track) and, of course, running Changeable. This week in Victoria is officially the first week of lockdown. We’ve been talking disruption, VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and digital leadership […]

Can we look a little deeper?

Change resistance I ran a coaching group recently where a leader was experiencing considerable resistance to a program of change he was implementing. It was in an area that definitely needed to be reformed. There were legacy issues, aggressive behaviour, competitiveness and a previous leader who had got stuff done by using hierarchical power, ‘my […]

Legacy trees and Melbourne flu

I was having a ho hum week. Nothing terrible but I was recovering from losing my voice and a bout of Melbourne flu – which is challenging when you run lots of workshops. Plus I was approaching a milestone birthday and that always prompts a fair amount of introspection. So I had to drag myself […]

Don’t wait too long to Coach

Please I implore you…. Don’t wait too long to get coaching in your organisation for people in leadership roles. This year I’ve had to pick up the pieces after people have had bullying claims made against them or are halfway out the door. By this stage habits are ingrained and the damage is done. You […]

Time to Start an ARGUMENT

Last night I had an argument with Marc Carnegie. Well not me personally but a room full of arguers at the NGV (National Gallery, Victoria for non-Melbournites). We were all invited to argue as guests of the Wheeler Centre. Marc played the provocateur by putting forward the idea that Australia should adopt compulsory conscription….don’t panic! […]