I am putting it out there that in 2018 I am writing a book.

Yes that’s right.

Well, actually I have already written and rewritten 20,000 words in 2017.

I didn’t announce it before due to the dressing down I got from my youngest daughter. Apparently I used to ‘always’ go around saying that I was ‘going to write a book.’

One day she just looked at me and said in a kind but kick in the teeth sort of way,

‘No offense mum but you are always saying you are going to write a book but you never actually do.’

The other event that led to my reformation was when Colin, who I used to work for and I had a discussion about my career aspirations. He looked me straight in the eye and said,

‘You are in your 40s now and that’s when you make things happen.’

So it seems the two events have shocked me enough to get me going…

Here are my tips for approaching things you really want to achieve but may have been avoiding (Big Hairy Audacious Goals as some of us know and love them).

Turn down the volume on ‘talking about’

Clearly I needed to shut up and start writing. So I went into my cave to see if I actually had the staying power to do it. (see my blog on GRIT)

Once I hit 20,000 words I figured I’d proved my tenacity.

The act of talking about can trick your brain into thinking you are actually doing. When you walk away from that conversation you feel satisfied as though you had put pen to paper, built that website, developed that product.

As many writing teachers say, ‘if you want to become a writer. WRITE.’

It’s that simple (and complex).

But who am I to be a writer?

Imposter Syndrome, Audaciousness – call it what you like. The fear that someone might come along and say,

‘You Georgina Banks are not a writer – put that manuscript down!”

In fact, most of us will morph into something we have never been before six or seven times in a career span now. We need to get used to and even relish, that feeling of stepping into unknown territory and ambiguity.

Growth Mindset

Many of you know Professor Carol Dweck’s groundbreaking work in education.

It makes all the difference, knowing that my brain is plastic not rigid. I can actually grow and develop my intelligence and yes writing ability. So rather than looking for evidence as to whether

‘I have it or not,’ I am seeking ways of getting better; including practicing and getting input from people who have a clue. I have also joined a writing course to have a community of people around me, as well as the much-appreciated support (and tireless reading) of family and friends!

Finally a little inspiration from the GREATS

Love this quote from Sir Edmund Hilary (a humble man)

‘My abilities have not been outstanding, but I have had sufficient strength and determination to meet my challenges and have usually managed to succeed with them.’

I admit, I have become a little obsessive but how else will I get it done?

Wishing you all the best for your Big hairy hopes in 2018

PS and what is this book actually about? My Great Aunt Bud


  1. Lindsay McMillan · · Reply

    Fantastic and you go for it!!!


    1. thanks for the encouragement Lindsay!


  2. I understand that imposter syndrome all too well – I still feel like one! I think I tallied up my writing the other year and I’d written about 800k words since I was 14 – BUT, how many completed novels do I have to show for it?? Only one. LOL. Gawd I love the writing life!

    Good luck and can’t wait to hear how your journey goes!! Here’s to us actually finishing those novels and becoming published authors one day!

    p.s In no time at all those 20k words will be 80k 🙂


    1. Hi Milly, i think Imposter Syndrome is alive and well in every industry. But what a great place for it to take hold – between a writer, their pen and a blank page. Kudos to you for writing so many words and YEAH having one finished book!


  3. Jennifer Keeler-Milne · · Reply

    So glad it’s out there – now everyone knows – you have to keep going!


  4. Exactly! great way to keep yourself on the hook so to speak


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