Leadership in Unusual Places


A few weekends ago my business partner Sam Crock and her husband Paul, combined forces with celebrity chef Alejandro Saravia from Peruvian restaurant Pastuso, to host their second event as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

Called ‘Renascence Gippsland’, it was a sit down, al fresco lunch for 150 people, held ‘close to the source’ at their farm Biran Biran in Gippsland. Windswept and overlooking Wilsons Prom, it is a dramatic setting. I was lucky enough to stay there recently when we did some work for a utilities company – I won’t mention the huntsman spiders or Sam’s unique disposal method.

Along with running Changeable, Sam supports Paul with Gippsland Natural – an environmental Beef Company. A dynamic duo they are dedicated to:

  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Incredible produce
  • Promoting their regional community &
  • Unique, complementary partnerships.

When Sam is not running Team Dynamic or Leadership workshops with Changeable, you are just as likely to see her driving a tractor, ‘drenching’, or ‘marking calves’ (google them city slickers).

leadershipSo Why this Event?

Sam and Paul supply meat for Alejandro’s city ventures.  They wanted to combine forces and creative juices to promote Gippsland’s lush farming pastures and provide a magnificent meal – where you’d least expect it – on the side of a hill two hours east of Melbourne. Also to connect city folk with the provenance of their food.

Bit like a Babette’s Feast

For those of you who haven’t seen this film, it is the story of Babette who lives in a small Danish village. One day she creates an incredible feast as a gift for her community. This act of generosity and pursuit of the sublime becomes her defining moment. Both meals were surprising, generous and far outstripped wildest expectations.

Leadership Values

Various schools of thought (Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Training: ACT) argue that in order to make a difference and have fulfilling work, you must define what’s important to you and pursue it wholeheartedly.

It is encouraging for Sam and I, as Changeable business partners, to reflect on the whole picture of what we are doing, both as individuals and collectively at Changeable.

How do things you do outside your core business nourish you?

What leadership can you show in an unusual place?

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